Adapting Television Drama

Palgrave Studies in Adaptation and Visual Culture (Series)

Christopher Hogg Author

Disnarration and the...

Marina Lambrou Author

Complexity and Resilience in...

Eoin Flaherty Author

Schooling and Social Identity

Patrick Alexander Author

Steam Power and Sea Power

Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies (Series)

Steven Gray Author

The Palgrave Handbook of...

Katherine Runswick-cole Editor
Tillie Curran Editor

The Influence of Business...

Robert A. Crane Editor

Mothering, Education and Culture

Deborah Golden Author
Lauren Erdreich Author

Sound, Space and Society

Geographies of Media (Series)

Kimberley Peters Author

Genderqueer and Non-Binary...

Critical and Applied Approaches in Sexuality, Gender and Identity (Series)

Christina Richards Editor
Walter Pierre Bouman Editor

Analytic Philosophy and the...

History of Analytic Philosophy (Series)

Paolo Tripodi Author

Art, Trade, and Cultural...

Raquel A. G. Reyes Editor

Postcolonial Literatures in...

New Comparisons in World Literature (Series)

Jenni Ramone Author

Geek and Hacker Stories

Brian Alleyne Author

Framing the Holocaust in...

Palgrave Film Studies and Philosophy (Series)

Matilda Mroz Author

Matrixial Subjectivity,...

Studies in the Psychosocial (Series)

Bracha L. Ettinger Author
Griselda Pollock Editor

Ben Jonson, John Marston and...

Rebecca Yearling Author

A Theory of the Absolute

Palgrave Frontiers in Philosophy of Religion (Series)

Benedikt Paul Göcke Author

An Introduction to Buddhist...

Padmasiri De Silva Author

Audiovisual Translation in a...

Palgrave Studies in Translating and Interpreting (Series)

Jorge Díaz Cintas Editor
Rocío Baños Piñero Editor

(En)Countering Native-speakerism

Palgrave Advances in Language and Linguistics (Series)

Adrian Holliday Editor
Pamela Aboshiha Editor

Angela Carter and Western...

Heidi Yeandle Author

After Mindfulness

M. Bazzano Editor

Counselling and Psychotherapy...

Jeannette Roddy Author

Creativity — a Sociological...

Palgrave Studies in Creativity and Culture (Series)

Monika E. Reuter Author

China's Hukou System

Jason Young Author

British Clandestine...

Dennis Deletant Author

British Foreign Policy and...

T. Edmunds Editor
J. Gaskarth Editor

Christian Theology and the...

The Palgrave Macmillan Animal Ethics Series

R. Mclaughlin Author

Capital Returns

Edward Chancellor Editor


M. Boyde Editor

Cosmopolitan Borders

Mobility & Politics (Series)

C. Rumford Author

Chinese Student Migration,...

Palgrave Studies on Chinese Education in a Global Perspective (Series)

Anni Kajanus Author

Children, Place and...

Margaret Somerville Author
Monica Green Author

Childhood, Mobile...

Studies in Childhood and Youth (Series)

E. Bond Author

Choreographing Problems

Performance Philosophy (Series)

Bojana Cvejic Author

Boys, Young Men and Violence

Ken Harland Author
Sam Mccready Author

Community in...

P. Salvan Editor
G. Salas Editor

Demystifying Talent Management

Billy Adamsen Author

Democratic Orators from JFK...

Rhetoric, Politics and Society (Series)

Andrew S. Crines Editor
David S. Moon Editor

Embodied Philosophy in Dance

Performance Philosophy (Series)

Einav Katan-schmid Author

D. H. Lawrence

J. Beer Author

Environmental Heresies

Juha Hiedanpää Author
Daniel W. Bromley Author

Foreign Policy and the Media

Jarno S. Lang Author

Father Time

W. Goldberg Author

First World Hunger Revisited

G. Riches Editor
T. Silvasti Editor

Absence in Science, Security...

Global Issues (Series)

Brian Balmer Editor
Brian Rappert Editor

A Theory of Causation in the...

A. Reutlinger Author