Finance and Occupational...

Charles Sutcliffe Author

Democracy in Social Movements

Kenneth A. Loparo Editor

Save As... Digital Memories

J. Garde-Hansen Editor
A. Hoskins Editor

Textual Construction of the...

L. Jeffries Author

The Fiction and Reality of...

K. Boterbloem Author

The Transformation of Peace

Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies (Series)

O. Richmond Author

Transnational Women's Fiction

S. Strehle Author

1968 in Retrospect

G. Bhambra Editor
I. Demir Editor

Aid Relationships in Asia

A. Jerve Editor
Y. Shimomura Editor

Between Europe and the...

Thierry Fabre Author
P. Sant Cassia Editor

Che Guevara

H. Yaffe Author

Children, Gender, Video Games

V. Walkerdine Author

Dennis Robertson

G. Fletcher Author

Emotions in the Household,...

S. Broomhall Editor

Gay Identity, New...

C. Pullen Author

Globalization and Varieties...

D. Coffey Author
C. Thornley Author

Legacies of Plague in...

J. Cooke Author

Modern Stateless Warfare

P. Brooker Author

Mourning, Modernism,...

T. Clewell Author

Myth, Memory and the Middlebrow

I. Habermann Author

Northern Ireland 1968-2008

C. McGrattan Author

Posh Talk

S. Preece Author

Postfemininities in Popular...

Stéphanie Genz Author

Privatisation against the...

Marica Frangakis Author
Christoph Hermann Author

Romani Politics in...

N. Sigona Editor
N. Trehan Editor

Shades of Goodness

R. Lawlor Author

St. James's Place Wealth...

W. Sinclair Author
E. Lipkin Author

Technologies of Memory in the...

L. Plate Editor
A. Smelik Editor

Television News, Politics and...

M. Wayne Author
J. Petley Author

Territory and Electoral Rules...

Daniel Bochsler Author

The Binding of Nations

M. Corner Author

The Fundamentals of Global...

J. Whitman Author

The Gendering of Global Finance

L. Assassi Author

The Globalization of Security

New Security Challenges (Series)

B. Mabee Author

The Millennium Development...

Rethinking International Development series

Simon Feeny Author
Matthew Clarke Author

The Positive Function of Evil

P. Tabensky Editor

The Social Sciences and...

Jeroen Van Bouwel Editor

The Undivided Sky

R. Wolf Author

Transnational Terrorism,...

W. Benedek Editor
C. Daase Editor

Unionist Voices and the...

Kirk Simpson Author

Varieties of Capitalism,...

D. Coates Editor

Why Feminism Matters

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Women, Doctors and Cosmetic...

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World Food Security

D. Shaw Author

Yield Curve Modeling

Finance and Capital Markets (Series)

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Intellectual Property and...

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A. Marciano Editor

Soziologie in Belgien

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Kaat Louckx Author

Soziologie in der...

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Theory and Concepts of...

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