Double-voicing at Work

J. Baxter Author

Mythic Thinking in...

M. Sterenberg Author

Psychoanalysis, Philosophy...

Studies in the Psychosocial (Series)

Angie Voela Author

Time Perspective

Aleksandra Kostić Editor
Derek Chadee Editor

South-South Cooperation...

International Political Economy Series

Isaline Bergamaschi Editor
Phoebe Moore Editor

Societal Actors in European...

Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics (Series)

W. Kaiser Editor
Jan-Henrik Meyer Author

Sound, Symbol, Sociality

Matthew Unger Author

Spatialising Peace and Conflict

Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies (Series)

Annika Bjorkdahl Editor
Susanne Buckley-zistel Editor

Engaging Colonial Knowledge

Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies (Series)

R. Roque Editor
K. Wagner Editor

Social Work and the City

Charlotte Williams Editor

Singapore as an International...

Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions (Series)

J. J. Woo Author

Smart Energy Technologies in...

Consumption and Public Life (Series)

Y. Strengers Author

The Revival of Islam in the...

Islam and Nationalism (Series)

Olivier Roy Editor
Arolda Elbasani Editor

The Role of Institutional...

P. Nix Author
J. Chen Author

Identifying Hidden Needs

K. Goffin Author
F. Lemke Author

Inside the Bank of England

Palgrave Studies in Economic History (Series)

C. Dow Author
G. Hacche Editor

The Sovereign Debt Crisis,...

Work and Welfare in Europe (Series)

Caroline De La Porte Editor
Elke Heins Editor

Indian Multinationals

Amar Nayak Author

Global Media and...

Palgrave Global Media Policy and Business (Series)

P. Iosifidis Author

Lasting Screen Stars

Lucy Bolton Editor
Julie Lobalzo Wright Editor

Transnational Religious Spaces

Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship (Series)

O. Sheringham Author

Transitions to Adulthood in...

M. Gebel Author
S. Heyne Author

Translating Evidence and...

Palgrave Studies in Languages at War (Series)

Ellen Elias-bursac Author

Gendering Addiction

N. Campbell Author
E. Ettorre Author

From the Great Recession to...

International Labour Organization (ILO) Century Series

I. Islam Editor
S. Verick Editor

The Rise of the Far Right in...

Gabriella Lazaridis Editor
Giovanna Campani Editor

Imagining 'America' in late...

Kate Ferris Author

Human Centered Management in...

Humanism in Business Series

Maria-teresa Lepeley Editor
Ernst Von Kimakowitz Editor

The Races of Europe

Richard Mcmahon Author

Calculating the Social

V. Higgins Editor
W. Larner Editor

Capitalism and Climate Change

Max Koch Author

Leisure and the Motive to...

Robert A. Stebbins Author

Liberal States and the...

Transformations of the State (Series)

Steffen Mau Author
H. Brabandt Author

Politics, Judicial Review,...

St Antony's (Series)

C. Thorson Author

Politics, Religion and the...

E. Clarke Author

Migrants as Agents of Change

Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship (Series)

Izabela Grabowska Author
Michał P. Garapich Author

Banking Secrecy and Global...

Donato Masciandaro Author
Olga Balakina Author

Authority and Autonomy

Susanne Ekman Author

Migrant Domestic Workers and...

Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship (Series)

Maria Kontos Editor
Glenda Tibe Bonifacio Editor

Asian Inward and Outward FDI

Palgrave Macmillan Asian Business Series

C. Alvstam Editor
H. Dolles Editor

Middle-Aged Gay Men, Ageing...

Paul Simpson Author

Adapting Television Drama

Palgrave Studies in Adaptation and Visual Culture (Series)

Christopher Hogg Author

Actors, Institutions, and the...

Gender and Politics (Series)

Petra Ahrens Author

Childhood and Sexuality

Studies in Childhood and Youth (Series)

Allison Moore Author
Paul Reynolds Author

Disnarration and the...

Marina Lambrou Author

The Future of Work

R. Donkin Author