What Every Engineer Should...

What Every Engineer Should Know (Series)

Mike Ficco Author
Russell Bentley Narrator

Learning Engineering Practice

James P Trevelyan Narrator
James Trevelyan Author

Compressed Hydrogen in Fuel...

Shitanshu Sapre Author
Kapil Pareek Author

Nature-Inspired Algorithms

Krishn Kumar Mishra Author

The Obscure Sacroiliac Joint

Niels Hammer Editor

5G Impact on Biomedical...

Prospects in Biomedical Engineering and Applications (Series)

Abdallah Makhoul Editor
Jacques Demerjian Editor

McDonald's Blood Flow in...

Wilmer W. Nichols Editor
Michael O'Rourke Editor

Industrial Tribology

Manufacturing Design and Technology (Series)

Jitendra Kumar Katiyar Editor
Alessandro Ruggiero Editor

Javascript for R

Chapman & Hall/CRC the R Series

John Coene Author

Semantic Control for the...

Claudia Lanza Author

Writing Grant Proposals in...

Lisa Chasan-Taber Author

Recent Advances in Cancer...

Anjana Pandey Author
Saumya Srivastava Author

Biocontrol of Arthropods...

Donald A Rutz Author

Industry 4.0 Solutions for...

Farzad Pour Rahimian Author
Jack Steven Goulding Author

Mastering Visual Studio Code

Mastering Computer Science (Series)

Sufyan bin Uzayr Editor

Community-Based Medical...

Len Kelly Author

Fundamentals and Operations...

Susanta Kumar Das Author
Madhusweta Das Author

Sustainable and Smart Spatial...

Charles Chavunduka Editor
Walter Timo De Vries Editor

Hydrometallurgical Recycling...

Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion (Series)

Joey Jung Author
Pang-Chieh Sui Author

Principles of Solar Engineering

D. Yogi Goswami Author

Environmental Pollution and...

Sultan Ayoub Meo Author

BIOS Instant Notes in Plant...

Instant Notes (Series)

Andrew Lack Author
David Evans Author

Residential Property Appraisal

Phil Parnham Author
Larry Russen Author

Cerambycidae of the World

Contemporary Topics in Entomology (Series)

Qiao Wang Editor

Digital Innovation for Pandemics

Jasleen Kaur Editor
Navjot Sidhu Editor

Database Design Using...

Sikha Saha Bagui Author
Richard Walsh Earp Author

Cytogenetics and Molecular...

Medical Genomics and Proteomics (Series)

Thomas Liehr Editor

Calculating and Problem...

Hervé This vo Kientza Author

Cooking for Health and...

Nicole M. Farmer Editor
Andres V. Ardisson Korat Editor

The Human Brain during the...

Shirley A. Bayer Author
Joseph Altman Author

Data Interpretation Made Easy

Neel Sharma Author

Transformers for Machine...

Uday Kamath Author
Kenneth L. Graham Author

Integration of Methods...

Gerald J. Watson Jr. Author

Innovations and Social Media...

Maria José Sousa Editor
Célio Gonçalo Marques Editor

Costs and Returns For...

Mary Ahearn Author

Mastering KDE

Mastering Computer Science (Series)

Sufyan bin Uzayr Editor

Rail Vehicle Mechatronics

Maksym Spiryagin Author
Stefano Bruni Author

The NHS IT Project

Sean Brennan Author

Life Cycle Assessment

Surjya Narayana Pati Author

Plasticulture Engineering and...

Rohitashw Kumar Author
Vijay P. Singh Author

Handbook of Cosmetic Science...

Frank Dreher Editor
Elsa Jungman Editor

Black Bag Moon

Susan Woldenberg Butler Author

Combustion Engineering

Kenneth Bryden Author
Kenneth W. Ragland Author

Introduction to Human Factors...

Mark W. Wiggins Author

House Out of Factory

John Gloag Author
Grey Wornum Author

Error-Tolerant Biochemical...

Emerging Materials and Technologies (Series)

Sudip Poddar Author
Bhargab B. Bhattacharya Author

Exploring Modeling with Data...

John Zobitz Author

Fundamentals for Cosmetic...

Michael Parker Author