The Blue Butterfly

Lea Pool Director

When I Find The Ocean

Tonya S. Holly Director
Tonys S. Holly Producer

Wild Horse Hank

Eric Hill Director
Linda Blair Actor

Hanna's Gold

Joel Souza Director


Ricardo Trogi Director
Jean-Carl Boucher Actor


Dominique Standaert Director
Kalomba Mbuyi Actor

Only When I Dance

Beadie Finzi Director
Irlan Santos da Silva Actor

Adventures of a Teenage...

Andrew Lauer Director
Ryil Adamson Producer


John Dunson Director
Bruce Furst Producer

Foreign Letters

Ela Their Director
Dalena Le Actor

Sunday School Musical

Rachel Lee Goldenberg Director
Chris Chatman Actor

Scary Movie 5

Malcolm Lee Director

As Dreamers Do

Logan Sekulow Director
Logan Sekulow Producer

The Little Princess

Walter Lang Director
Shirley Temple Actor

Beach Cleanup

CQ Productions Producer

Your Freshman Year: Tips to...

Hanna Stotland Actor

Walt Before Mickey

Khoa Le Director
Armando Gutierrez Writer of accompanying material