Sailors and Traders: A...

Knowledge Unlatched (KU) (Series)

Couper, Alastair Author

Hawai'i's Mauna Loa Observatory

Forrest M. Mims Author

Kokota Grammar

Bill Palmer Author

Cultural Memory

Jeannette Marie Mageo Editor

Developing a Dream Destination

James Mak Author

Facing the Pacific

Jeffrey A. Geiger Author

Figments and Fragments of...

Studies in the Buddhist Traditions (Series)

Gregory Schopen Author

Family Catastrophe

Wen-hsing Wang Author
Susan Wan Dolling Translator

Genshin's Ōjōyōshū and the...

Pure Land Buddhist Studies (Series)

Robert F. Rhodes Author
Richard K. Payne Other

Globalization and Higher...

Jaishree K. Odin Editor
Peter T. Manicas Editor

God Pictures in Korean Contexts

Laurel Kendall Author
Jongsung Yang Author

Plotting the Prince

Kevin Gray Carr Author

Remaking the Chinese City

Joseph W. Esherick Editor

Ryōgen and Mount Hiei

Kuroda Studies in East Asian Buddhism (Series)

Paul Groner Author

Voices from the Straw Mat

Hawai'i Studies on Korea (Series)

Chan E. Park Author

Murder Frames the Scene

Victoria Nālani Kneubuhl Author


Thomas R. H. Havens Author

Pacific Places, Pacific...

Brij V. Lal Editor

Lost Leaves

Rebecca L. Copeland Author

Mad Wives and Island Dreams

Philip Gabriel Author


Alan K. L. Chan Editor

Ambition and Identity

Andrew R. Wilson Author

The Arts of Kingship

Stacy L. Kamehiro Author

The Culture of Sex in Ancient...

Paul R. Goldin Author

If It Swings, It's Music

Gabe Baltazar Author
Theo Garneau Author


Carlos Andrade Author

Hawaiian Legends of the...

Caren Loebel-Fried Author

Isles of Refuge

Mark J. Rauzon Author

Embodying Morality

Helle Rydstrom Author

Hawaiian Surfing

John R. K. Clark Author

The Thread of Life

Douglas W. Hollan Author
Jane C. Wellenkamp Author

Attracting the Heart

Topics in Contemporary Buddhism (Series)

Jeffrey Samuels Author

Backstage in a Bureaucracy

Susan M. Chandler Author
Richard C. Pratt Author

Being Benevolence

Topics in Contemporary Buddhism (Series)

Sallie B. King Author

Challenging the Secular State

Arskal Salim Author

Chinese Architecture and the...

Spatial Habitus: Making and Meaning in Asia's Architecture (Series)

Jeffrey W. Cody Author
Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt Author

Chinese Steles

Dorothy C. Wong Author

Establishing a Pure Land on...

Topics in Contemporary Buddhism (Series)

Stuart Chandler Author

Contemporary Sino-French Cinemas

Critical Interventions (Series)

Michelle E. Bloom Author
Sheldon H. Lu Other

Ho'opilipili 'Olelo II

Georgiana Frayer-Luna Author

In Good Company

Cedric Yamanaka Author

The Koreans in Hawaii

Roberta Chang Author
Wayne Patterson Author

Waves of Resistance

Isaiah Helekunihi Walker Author

The Three Sui Quash - The...

Lois Fusek Other

The Dog Shogun

Beatrice M. Bodart-Bailey Author

The Hikers Guide to O'ahu

Stuart M. Ball Author

Bones of Contention

Barbara R. Ambros Author


Matthew Philip McKelway Author