Princess Ka'iulani

Incredible Lives for Young Readers (Series)

Sharon Linnea Author

The Box

Isabella Paglia Author
Paolo Proietti Illustrator

A Plan for the People

Lindsey McDivitt Author
Charly Palmer Illustrator

Fur, Fins, and Feathers

Incredible Lives for Young Readers (Series)

Cassandre Maxwell Author

The Writer

Davide Cali Author
Monica Barengo Illustrator

The Child's Story Bible

Catherine F. Vos Author

Outside My Window

Linda Ashman Author
Jamey Christoph Illustrator

Attack of the Turtle

Drew Carlson Author
David A. Johnson Illustrator

The Book that Kibo Wrote

Mariana Ruiz Johnson Author
Lawrence Schimel Translator

Madani's Best Game

Fran Pintadera Author
Raquel Catalina Illustrator

A Perfect Day

Jennifer Yerkes Author

A Head Full of Birds

Alexandra Garibal Author
Sibylle Delacroix Illustrator


Linda Vigen Phillips Author


Gloria D. Miklowitz Author

The Beatitudes

Carole Boston Weatherford Author
Tim Ladwig Illustrator

The Story of Bodri

Hedi Fried Author
Stina Wirsen Illustrator

Driftwood Days

William Miniver Author
Charles Vess Illustrator

The Fantastic Jungles of...

Incredible Lives for Young Readers (Series)

Michelle Markel Author
Amanda Hall Illustrator

Building an Orchestra of Hope

Carmen Oliver Author
Luisa Uribe Illustrator

The War within These Walls

Aline Sax Author
Caryl Strzelecki Illustrator

A Pond Full of Ink

Annie M. G. Schmidt Author
Sieb Posthuma Illustrator

A Year with Mama Earth

Rebecca Grabill Author
Rebecca Green Illustrator

Princess Ka'iulani

Incredible Lives for Young Readers (Series)

Sharon Linnea Author


Eileen Spinelli Author

Georgia's Bones

Jen Bryant Author

I Can Help

Reem Faruqi Author
Mikela Prevost Illustrator

Eva's Story

Eva Schloss Author

Phone Call with a Fish

Silvia Vecchini Author
Sualzo Illustrator

Going for the Record

Julie A. Swanson Author


Mónica Montañés Author
Eva Sánchez Gómez Illustrator

Yellow Dog Blues

Alice Faye Duncan Author
Chris Raschka Illustrator