Wow! A Cow!

Lindsay Lee Johnson Author

Big Little Hippo

Valeri Gorbachev Author

Where's My Invisibility Cloak?

Elizabeth Gardner Author
John Bobbish Illustrator

Yo Wants to Know

Lea and Alan Daniel Author

Message in a Bottle

Susan Dickinson Author
Brad Walker Illustrator

The Day the Medicine Exploded

Liz Huyck Author
Paul Meisel Illustrator

Is There a Genius in Your...

Ellen Seiden Author

Helping Hands

Elizabeth Preston Author

A Little Like an Animal

Pete Coco Author
Lizzy Rockwell Illustrator

Emerging from Darkness

Victoria Marie Lees Author
Paul McCaffrey Illustrator

Pasta Polly's Guide to Polite...

Daniela Weil Author

America's First Diplomat

Barbara Brooks Simons Author

Look Twice

Sarah Goodman Author
Yoshi Miyake Illustrator


Nancy E. Walker-Guye Author
Mary Reaves Uhles Illustrator


Vashanti Rahaman Author
Nicholas Stevenson Illustrator

The Terrible Kites of Len Yo

Helena Clare Pittman Author
Julianna Brion Illustrator


Sandy Asher Author
Victoria Tentler-Krylov Illustrator

Hot Chocolate Weather

Elizabeth Castro Author
Emanuel Wiemans Illustrator

Just Say No! The Daughters of...

Jennifer Barefoot Author
Mark Kilvington Illustrator

Build a Plane

Click and Jane (Series)

Rob McClurkan Author
Rob McClurkan Illustrator

Rahim's Pangolin

Kimberly Long Cockroft Author
lucia Sforza Illustrator

Great Splashes

Joan Bone Author
Ju-Hong Chen Illustrator

A Curious Mind

David Lindley Author
Chris Murphy Illustrator

The Hound and the Hidden...

Julie Knutson Author
Mike Moran Illustrator

Yo Wants to Know: Is It Going...

Yo Wants to Know (Series)

Lea Daniel Author
Alan Daniel Author


Amy Tao Author

The Magic Weaver

Melissa Shaw-Smith Author
Emma Shaw-Smith Illustrator

The Legend of the Pinyon Nuts

Monica Di Santi Author
Chris Wold Dyrud Illustrator

Nsue and the Honeyguide

Sharon Howard Author
Ron Bucalo Illustrator

Liza Jean and the No-Good, No...

George Shannon Author
Robert Meganck Illustrator

Nagano Apples

Tim J. Myers Author
Suling Wang Illustrator

Scaredy Dog and Me

Linda Romero Kirschner Author
Brooke Smart Illustrator

Swimming with the Pod

Catherine Ripley Author
Diane Blasius Illustrator

The Trouble with Whiskers

Teresa Bateman Author
Joe Todd Stanton Illustrator

Porcupette Explores the Night

Susan Yoder Ackerman Author
Diane Blasius Illustrator

The Forty Thieves

Christy Lenzi Author
Anna Bron Illustrator

Yo Wants to Know: Why Do We...

Yo Wants to Know (Series)

Lea Daniel Author
Alan Daniel Author

Click and Jane

Rob McClurkan Author

Before the Week's Through

Anne Pedke Author
Shawn Costello Illustrator

Yo Wants to Know: What's It...

Lea Daniel Author
Alan Daniel Author

Wild Skin

Amy Tao Author

Showdown at Separation Point

Rosemary Laughlin Author
Rupert van Wyk Illustrator

The Short, Sad Story of...

Karen de Foy Author
Tord Nygren Illustrator

My 16-Hour Workday

Rochelle Groskreutz Author
Mark G. Mitchell Illustrator

See Like a Cat, Smell Like a Dog

Nick D'Alto Author
Lisa Fields Illustrator