The Madness of Crowds

Douglas Murray Author
Douglas Murray Narrator

Stolen Focus

Johann Hari Author
Johann Hari Narrator

No One Is Talking About This

Patricia Lockwood Author
Kristen Sieh Narrator

A is for Arsenic

Kathryn Harkup Author
Nicky Diss Narrator

Finding the Language of Grace

Christopher Jamison Author
Christopher Jamison Narrator

The Sustainable(ish) Guide to...

Jen Gale Author
Jen Gale Narrator

Hope and the Nearness of God

Teresa White FCJ Author
Maggie Ollerenshaw Narrator

Male Tears

Benjamin Myers Author
Craig Parkinson Narrator

Just Kids

Patti Smith Author
Patti Smith Narrator


Romesh Gunesekera Author
Romesh Gunesekera Narrator

How to Be a Founder

Alice Bentinck Author
Matt Clifford Author

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Amy Chua Author
Amy Chua Narrator

The Second

Carol Anderson Author
Karen Chilton Narrator

The Contrarian

Max Chafkin Author
Will Damron Narrator

At the Gates of Rome

Don Hollway Author
Mark Meadows Narrator

Medium Raw

Anthony Bourdain Author
Anthony Bourdain Narrator

Justice on Trial

Chris Daw Author
Chris Daw Narrator

Never Have I Ever

Joshilyn Jackson Author
Joshilyn Jackson Narrator

The Dragon Lady

Louisa Treger Author
Laura Kirman Narrator

Love Child

Allegra Huston Author
Allegra Huston Narrator


Victor Gregg Author
Rick Stroud Author

Why Dante Matters

John Took Author
Victor Vertunni Narrator

The Great Deception

Christopher Booker Author
Richard North Author

Letters to a Young Writer

Colum McCann Author
Colum McCann Narrator

On the Trail of Genghis Khan

Tim Cope Author
Dugald Bruce-Lockhart Narrator

Rome – City in Terror

Victor Failmezger Author
Mark Meadows Narrator

The Gentle Art of Tramping

Stephen Graham Author
Alastair Humphreys Author of introduction, etc.

Fourteen Wolves

Jenni Desmond Illustrator
Catherine Barr Author

Pirate Stew

Neil Gaiman Author
Chris Riddell Illustrator

Joe Biden

Evan Osnos Author
David Remnick Narrator

Lawrence of Arabia on War

Robert Johnson Author
Robert Johnson Narrator

Alive in God

Timothy Radcliffe Author
Steven Crossley Narrator

Are You Enjoying?

Mira Sethi Author
Mira Sethi Narrator

The Men Who Raised the Bar

Chris Waters Author
David Thorpe Narrator

Apple and Rain

Sarah Crossan Author
Sarah Crossan Narrator

Partition Voices

Kavita Puri Author
Kavita Puri Narrator

The Austen Girls

Lucy Worsley Author
Sarah Ovens Narrator

The Cardturner

Louis Sachar Author
Louis Sachar Narrator

The Space We're In

Katya Balen Author
Laura Carlin Illustrator

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Elliot Rook, QC (Series)

Book 1

Gary Bell Author
Hugh Kermode Narrator

Extra Time

Daniel Gray Author
Daniel Gray Narrator

The Vanishing

Janine di Giovanni Author
Suehyla El-Attar Narrator

Sleep Recovery

Lisa Sanfilippo Author
Lisa Sanfilippo Narrator

The Way of St Benedict

Rowan Williams Author
Peter Noble Narrator

Talking Until Nightfall

Isaac Matarasso Author
Pauline Matarasso Translator

What I Wish People Knew About...

Wendy Mitchell Author
Wendy Mitchell Narrator

Love Is a Revolution

Renée Watson Author
Renée Watson Narrator

Where is the Love?

Anna Williamson Author
Anna Williamson Narrator