Critical Materials

World Scientific Series In Current Energy Issues (Series)

S Erik Offerman Author

Tall Order

Peh Shing Huei Author

George Yeo On Bonsai, Banyan...

Asad-ul Iqbal Latif Editor
Huay Leng Lee Editor

Coastal Sediments...

Ping Wang Editor
Julie D Rosati Editor

Energy, Environmental &...

Jamal Khatib Editor

Contemporary Issues In...

Joel Lee Editor
Marcus Tao Shien Lim Editor

First International Course On...

Cif Series

Sergio Rosati Editor
Galileo Violini Editor

Modern Equity Investing...

Anatoly B Schmidt Author

Bioceramics 11--Proceedings...

Racquel Z Legeros Editor
John P Legeros Editor

A Theoretical Analysis,...

Series On Chinese Economics Research (Series)

Hong Sheng Author
Lin Zhang Author

Singapore Perspectives 2017

Singapore Perspectives (Series)

Gillian Koh Editor
Debbie Soon Editor

Sir Francis Ronalds

Beverley Frances Ronalds Author

Golden Age of Theoretical...

Jagdish Mehra Author

The Design and Implementation...

World Scientific Series In Computer Science (Series)

Yokote Yasuhiko Author

China Base

Lixing Zou Author

From Chaos to Order

World Scientific Series On Nonlinear Science Series A (Series)

Guanrong Chen Author
Xiaoning Dong Author

Towards a Liveable and...

Liang Fook Lye Editor
Gang Chen Editor

Financial Systems In Transition

Economic Ideas Leading to the 21st Century (Series)

Alexander E Fleming Editor
Marcelo M Giugale Editor

Theory of the Navier-stokes...

Series On Advances In Mathematics For Applied Sciences (Series)

John G Heywood Editor
Kyuya Masuda Editor

Capture Gamma-ray...

Jan Kvasil Editor
Pavel Cejnar Editor

Intersubband Infrared...

Selected Topics In Electronics and Systems (Series)

Victor Ryzhii Editor

Introduction to Electroweak...

J Horejsi Author

International Management...

Japanese Management and International Studies (Series)

Yasuhiro Monden Other
Kanji Miyamoto Editor

Engineering Microbial...

Yajun Yan Editor

Biocomputing and Emergent...

Bjorn Olsson Editor
Dan Lundh Editor

Advances In Mobile...

Lino Marques Editor
Anibal T De Almeida Editor

Advances In Multivariate...

Statistical Science and Interdisciplinary Research (Series)

Ashis Sengupta Editor

Backgrounds At...

Thomas E Browder Editor
S K Sahu Editor

Chua's Circuit Implementations

World Scientific Series On Nonlinear Science Series A (Series)

Luigi Fortuna Author
Mattia Frasca Author

Chaos and Nonlinear Mechanics...

World Scientific Series On Nonlinear Science Series B (Series)

Tomasz Kapitaniak Author
John Brindley Author

Biomedical Engineering...

Jen-shih Lee Author

Dynamical Systems and...

World Scientific Series In Applicable Analysis (Series)

Ravi P Agarwal Editor

High Energy Neutrino...

V J Stenger Editor
Sandip Pakvasa Editor

Handbook of Carbon Nano...

World Scientific Series On Carbon Nanoscience (Series)

Karl M Kadish Editor
Francis D'souza Editor

Heavy Ion...

Tohru Motobayashi Editor
Masayasu Ishihara Editor

If I Am to Be Remembered

Krishna R Dronamraju Author
Joseph Needham Author

Heavy Ion Physics At Low,...

M Petrovici Editor
Aurel Sandulescu Editor

Heavy-ion Dynamics and Hot...

G Nebbia Editor
Madassery N Namboodiri Editor

Gamma Ray-neutrino and Planck...

David B Cline Editor

Infinite Dimensional Harmonic...

Joachim Hilgert Editor
Akihito Hora Editor

Globalization and Systemic Risk

World Scientific Studies In International Economics (Series)

Douglas D Evanoff Editor
George G Kaufman Editor

Computational Systems...

Peter Markstein Editor
Ying Xu Editor

Coronary Ct Angiography In...

Zhong-hua Sun Author

Computational Intelligence...

Hung Tan Nguyen Editor
Steve Sai Ho Ling Editor


Frithjof Karsch Editor
Hans J Herrmann Editor

Foundations of Modern Physics...

K V Laurikainen Editor
Claus Montonen Editor

Festschrift In Honor of...

H Minakata Editor

Exactly Soluble Models In...

Series On Advances In Statistical Mechanics (Series)

Christopher King Editor
Fa Yueh Wu Editor