Critical Materials

World Scientific Series In Current Energy Issues (Series)

S Erik Offerman Author

Tall Order

Peh Shing Huei Author

George Yeo On Bonsai, Banyan...

Asad-ul Iqbal Latif Editor
Huay Leng Lee Editor


George A Bekey Author
Robert Ambrose Author

Ultrafast Optics and...

Iisc Lecture Notes Series

Atanu Bhattacharya Author

Special Topics In Accelerator...

Alexander Wu Chao Author

Alzheimer's Disease Decoded

Ronald Sahyouni Author
Nolan J Brown Author

Geometric Realizations of...

Icp Advanced Texts In Mathematics (Series)

Miguel Brozos-vazquez Author
Peter B Gilkey Author

The Japanese Economy

Economic Ideas Leading to the 21st Century (Series)

Mitsuo Saito Author

The Qcd Vacuum, Hadrons and...

World Scientific Lecture Notes In Physics (Series)

Edward V Shuryak Editor

Theory and Examples of...

Series On Concrete and Applicable Mathematics (Series)

Chin-yuan Lin Author

Cardioprotective Natural...

Goutam Brahmachari Editor

Concise Complex Analysis...

Sheng Gong Author
Youhong Gong Author

Current Business and Legal...

Mitsuru Misawa Author

Cpt and Lorentz...

V Alan Kostelecky Editor

Materials Thermodynamics

Hae-geon Lee Author

Matrix Theory

David Lewis Author

Microstructure and Properties...

Albrecht Gysler Editor
Tao Zhang Editor

Semiconductor Manufacturing...

Advanced Series In Electrical and Computer Engineering (Series)

Chue San Yoo Author

The Analysis of Complex...

World Scientific Series On Nonlinear Science Series A (Series)

Martin Lesser Author

Introduction to the Quantum...

Jens Peder Dahl Author

Handbook of Neurology

Minoru Oishi Author

Introduction to Bioengineering

Advanced Series In Biomechanics (Series)

Yuen-cheng Fung Editor
Shu Chien Editor

Introduction to Semiconductor...

Holger T Grahn Author

Problems and Solutions In...

Sergei Kruchinin Author

Ordinal and Relational...

Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences (Series)

Melvin F Janowitz Author

Formal Models of Computation

Amast Series In Computing (Series)

Arthur C Fleck Author

Fundamentals of International...

Roger Hussey Author

Galois' Theory of Algebraic...

Jean-pierre Tignol Author

Electromagnetic Waves For...

Ernesto Mazzucato Author

Discrete Mathematics--Proof...

Robert Clark Penner Author

Changing State-society...

Wei Shan Editor
Lijun Yang Editor

Complex Analysis

Murali Rao Author
Henrik Stetkaer Author

Computational Methods and...

Series In Approximations and Decompositions (Series)

R M Ali Editor
Stephan Ruscheweyh Editor

Exploiting Intellectual...

Series On Technology Management (Series)

Joe Tidd Editor

Innovative Technologies For...

The Science and Culture Series--Nuclear Strategy and Peace Technology (Series)

D Schmidt Editor
Richard C Ragaini Editor

Trade Liberalisation and the...

Ravi Ratnayake Author
Blair Townsend Author

Lectures On Real Analysis

James J Yeh Author

International Trade

Richard Pomfret Author

Applied Mathematics In...

Kazumasa Mizumura Author

Automata Theory

Matthew Simon Author

Case Studies In Japanese...

Parissa Haghirian Editor
Philippe Gagnon Editor

An Introduction to...

Huishi Li Author

An Introduction to Interfaces...

John C Berg Author

How Schrodinger's Cat Escaped...

Peter Rowlands Author

New Silk Road

Jean-paul Larcon Editor

Multiphysics Modeling With...

Series On Stability, Vibration and Control of Systems, Series A (Series)

William B J Zimmerman Author

Digital Signal Processing

Duraisamy Sundararajan Editor