A Guidebook for Today's Asian...

Bruce Voncannon Author


Amilal Bhat Editor

Inflammation and Metastasis

Yoshiro Maru Author

Blind Identification of...

Chengpu Yu Author
Lihua Xie Author

Advanced Computing and...

Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems (Series)

Book 2021

Monica Bianchini Editor
Vincenzo Piuri Editor

Trends in Plant Disease...

Imran Ul Haq Editor
Siddra Ijaz Editor

Place Making in International...

Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China (Series)

Yun Zhang Author

Intelligent Crowdsourced Testing

Qing Wang Author
Zhenyu Chen Author

Self-similarity in Walsh...

SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology (Series)

Lakshminarayan Hazra Author
Pubali Mukherjee Author

Wireless Networking and...

R.k. Ghosh Author

Balancing Development and...

Akhmad Saufi Editor
Imanuella R. Andilolo Editor

Poisson Point Processes and...

SpringerBriefs in Probability and Mathematical Statistics (Series)

Kiyosi Itô Author
Shinzo Watanabe Author of introduction, etc.

Analysis and Control of...

Jin-liang Wang Author
Huai-ning Wu Author

Population, Place, and...

New Frontiers in Regional Science: Asian Perspectives (Series)

Rachel S. Franklin Editor

Damage and Fracture of...

Advanced Ceramics and Composites (Series)

Longbiao Li Author

Characterization and...

Springer Theses (Series)

Guorui Wang Author

Proceedings of the Fourth...

Uncertainty and Operations Research (Series)

Xiang Li Editor
Xiaofeng Xu Editor

Terminal Ballistics

Zvi Rosenberg Author
Erez Dekel Author

Taylor's 7th Teaching and...

Siew Fun Tang Editor
Loshinikarasi Logonnathan Editor

EMG Signals Characterization...

SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology (Series)

Bita Mokhlesabadifarahani Author
Vinit Kumar Gunjan Author

Interactive Segmentation...

SpringerBriefs in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Series)

Jia He Author
Chang-su Kim Author

Decision Making in Emergency...

Manda Raz Editor
Pourya Pouryahya Editor

Leading Issues in Islamic...

Zubair Hasan Author

The Employment Legacy of the...

Mega Event Planning (Series)

Niloufar Vadiati Author

Whither Capitalism?

Makoto Nishibe Author

Advances in Critical Care...

Sidharth Kumar Sethi Editor
Rupesh Raina Editor

Repatriation, Insecurity, and...

Masako Yonekawa Editor
Akiko Sugiki Editor

Advances in Thermal...

Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering (Series)

Book 2020

Sadhan Kumar Ghosh Editor
Koushik Ghosh Editor

Generative Adversarial...

Xudong Mao Author
Qing Li Author

Green Village and Town...

Xiaoming Wang Author
Hong Hua Author

Lean and Green Manufacturing

Management and Industrial Engineering (Series)

Kaliyan Mathiyazhagan Editor
K. E. K. Vimal Editor

How COVID-19 Reshapes New...

Contributions to International Relations (Series)

Li Sheng Author

Shear Wave Elastography of...

Myung Hi Yoo Author
Hye Jeong Kim Author

Functional Nanomaterials

Materials Horizons: From Nature to Nanomaterials (Series)

Sabu Thomas Editor
Nirav Joshi Editor

Proceedings of the 11th...

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (Series)

Rui Wang Editor
Zengqiang Chen Editor

Low Energy Flight

Jianping Yuan Author
Yu Cheng Author

Mathematics Education in...

Mathematics Education – an Asian Perspective (Series)

Tin Lam Toh Editor
Berinderjeet Kaur Editor

Inverse Spectral and...

SpringerBriefs in Mathematical Physics (Series)

Hiroshi Isozaki Author

Human-Centered Technology for...

Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering (Series)

Book 2021

Mohd Hasnun Arif Hassan Editor
Zulkifli Ahmad (A) Manap Editor

Trade and Regional...

South Asia Economic and Policy Studies (Series)

Selim Raihan Editor
Prabir De Editor

Proceedings of the...

Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering (Series)

Sharifah Salwa Mohd Zuki Editor
Shahrul Niza Mokhatar Editor

Alcohol as an Alternative...

Energy, Environment, and Sustainability (Series)

Pravesh Chandra Shukla Editor
Giacomo Belgiorno Editor

Nationality of Foundlings

Evidence-Based Approaches to Peace and Conflict Studies (Series)

Mai Kaneko-iwase Author

Insect Ecology

K. V. Hari Prasad Author

Proceedings of the 2nd...

Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems (Series)

Book 2020

S. Jyothi Editor
D. M. Mamatha Editor

Global Degradation of Soil...

Rui Li Editor
Ted L. Napier Editor

Blockchain Application Guide

Xiaodan Tang Editor
Xiaotie Deng Editor

Concept Building in Fisheries...

Basant Kumar Das Author
Dharm Nath Jha Author