A Guidebook for Today's Asian...

Bruce Voncannon Author


Amilal Bhat Editor

Inflammation and Metastasis

Yoshiro Maru Author

Blind Identification of...

Chengpu Yu Author
Lihua Xie Author

Trends in Plant Disease...

Imran Ul Haq Editor
Siddra Ijaz Editor

Place Making in International...

Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China (Series)

Yun Zhang Author

Analysis and Control of...

Jin-liang Wang Author
Huai-ning Wu Author

The Employment Legacy of the...

Mega Event Planning (Series)

Niloufar Vadiati Author

Lean and Green Manufacturing

Management and Industrial Engineering (Series)

Kaliyan Mathiyazhagan Editor
K. E. K. Vimal Editor

Global Degradation of Soil...

Rui Li Editor
Ted L. Napier Editor

Blockchain Application Guide

Xiaodan Tang Editor
Xiaotie Deng Editor

Kawasaki Disease

Ho-chang Kuo Editor

Gender as a Political...

Konstantin S. Sharov Author

Bacterial Endophytes for...

Amit Kishore Singh Editor
Vijay Tripathi Editor

Rural Technology Development...

Design Science and Innovation (Series)

Subir Kumar Saha Editor
M. R. Ravi Editor

Transactions on Engineering...

Sio-iong Ao Editor
Haeng Kon Kim Editor

The Proceedings of 11th...

Guan-yuan Wu Editor
Kuang-chung Tsai Editor

A Resilience Approach to...

Mika Shimizu Editor

Regionalized Management of...

Translational Bioinformatics (Series)

Hui Shen Editor
Yiming Zeng Editor

Wavelet Numerical Method and...

Engineering Applications of Computational Methods (Series)

You-he Zhou Author

Emotion and the Contemporary...

Candice P. Boyd Author
Rachel Hughes Author

Islamic Development Management

Noor Zahirah Mohd Sidek Editor
Roshima Said Editor

Archaeology, Cultural...

Robin Coningham Editor
Nick Lewer Editor

Studies on China's High-Speed...

Lan Wang Author
Hao Gu Author

Radar Signal Processing for...

Signals and Communication Technology (Series)

Jonah Gamba Author

Forensic Medicine and Human...

Current Human Cell Research and Applications (Series)

Takaki Ishikawa Editor

Subdivision Surface Modeling...

Wenhe Liao Author
Hao Liu Author

Theory of Practical Cellular...

Xuewei Li Author
Jinpei Wu Author

Multifractal Detrended...

Guangxi Cao Author
Ling-yun He Author

High-dimensional Microarray...

Shuichi Shinmura Author

Sleep, Memory and Synaptic...

Sushil K. Jha Editor
Vibha M. Jha Editor

5G Green Mobile Communication...

Xiaohu Ge Author
Wuxiong Zhang Author

Disaster Risk Science

IHDP/Future Earth-Integrated Risk Governance Project Series

Peijun Shi Author

Theorizing International Trade

Somesh K. Mathur Editor
Rahul Arora Editor

New Technology, Big Data and...

Perspectives in Law, Business and Innovation (Series)

Marcelo Corrales Editor
Mark Fenwick Editor

Cerebral Palsy

Yoshio Matsuda Editor

Textile Wastewater Treatment

Sustainable Textiles: Production, Processing, Manufacturing & Chemistry (Series)

Book 2

Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu Editor
Ali Khadir Editor

Innovative Approaches to...

Learning Sciences for Higher Education (Series)

Ying-shao Hsu Editor
Russell Tytler Editor

The Key Technologies for...

Recent Advancements in Connected Autonomous Vehicle Technologies (Series)

Yueying Zhu Author

Amplifiers in Radio Receivers

Springer Aerospace Technology (Series)

Sergey Viktorovich Dvornikov Author
Alexander Fedotovich Kryachko Author

Afrodiasporic Identities in...

Kathomi Gatwiri Author
Leticia Anderson Author

Quantum Oscillations and...

Springer Theses (Series)

Yuki Sato Author

Nano/Micro Metal-Organic...

Huan Pang Editor

Lateral Asymmetry in Animals:...

Ecological Research Monographs (Series)

Michio Hori Editor
Satoshi Takahashi Editor

Settlement Spaces

Springer Geography (Series)

Xiao Wu Author
Lingjin Wang Author

Biomedical Translational...

R.c. Sobti Editor
Naranjan S. Dhalla Editor

Theory and Method of...

Xinjun Chen Editor

Atlas of Cleft Lip and Palate...

Jian-min Yao Editor
Jing-hong Xu Editor