Central Bank Policy Mix:...

Warjiyo, Perry Editor
Juhro, Solikin M. Editor

Social Development in the...

Koch-Weser, Maritta Editor
Guggenheim, Scott Editor

Enhancing Future Skills and...

Sangwan, Kuldip Singh Editor
Herrmann, Christoph Editor

Vaccines, Medicines and COVID...

Velásquez, Germán Author

Investor-State Dispute...

Kaufmann-Kohler Author
Gabrielle Potestà, Michele Author

Transition and Opportunity:...

Wang, Huiyao Editor
Miao, Lu Editor

Understanding Energy...

Lovell, Heather Author

Regulatory Pathways For Smart...

Gert Brunekreeft Editor
Till Luhmann Editor

The Once-Only Principle: The...

Krimmer, Robert Editor
Prentza, Andriana Editor

Blockchain and Crypto...

Yano, Makoto Editor
Dai, Chris Editor

Covid-19 and Capitalism:...

Byttebier, Koen Author

The Advisory Roles of...

Brans, Marleen Editor
Timmermans, Arco Editor

Handbook of Education Policy...

Fan, Guorui Editor
Popkewitz, Thomas S. Editor

Liquidity, Markets and...

Ozenbas, Deniz Author
Pagano, Michael S. Author

Towards an Emissions Trading...

Lucatello, Simone Editor

The Palgrave Handbook of...

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Luciani, Giacomo Editor

The Routledge Handbook of...

Gallien, Max Editor
Weigand, Florian Editor

The World of the Seafarer:...

Gekara, Victor Oyaro Author
Sampson, Helen Author

Guidebook to Carbon...

CICC Research, CICC Global Institute Author

Novel Developments for...

Rutschmann, Peter Editor
Kampa, Eleftheria Editor

Knowledge Graphs and Big Data...

Janev, Valentina Editor
Graux, Damien Editor

Health Dimensions of COVID-19...

Pachauri, Saroj Editor
Pachauri, Ash Editor

Opportunities and Challenges...

Ilonszki, Gabriella Editor
Roux, Christophe Editor

Energy and Sustainable...

Mporas, Iosif Editor
Kourtessis, Pandelis Editor

Geomechanics of Oil and Gas...

Advances in Oil and Gas Exploration & Production (Series)

Vladimir Karev, Author
Yuri Kovalenko Author

Vote Buying in Indonesia: The...

Muhtadi, Burhanuddin Author

White Gold: The...

Cramb, Rob Author

Developmental State Building:...

Takagi, Yusuke Editor
Kanchoochat, Veerayooth Editor

Earth Observation Science and...

Bajracharya, Birendra Editor
Thapa, Rajesh Bahadur Editor

Health Crises and Media...

Dralega, Carol Azungi Editor
Napakol, Angella Editor

Digital Health Care in Taiwan...

Lee, Po-Chang Editor
Wang, Joyce Tsung-Hsi Editor

Russia-China Relations:...

Global Power Shift (Series)

Kirchberger, Sarah Editor
Sinjen, Svenja Editor

Green Consensus and High...

China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) Secretariat Author

Cyber Security

Lu, Wei Editor
Zhang, Yuqing Editor

Knowing the Salween River:...

Middleton, Carl Editor
Lamb, Vanessa Editor

Paths to the Emerging State...

Otsuka, Keijiro Editor
Sugihara, Kaoru Editor

The Future of Election...

Brown, Mitchell Editor
Hale, Kathleen Editor

Metal Ligand Chromophores for...

Topics in Current Chemistry Collections (Series)

Kenneth Kam-Wing Lo Editor
Peter Kam-Keung Leung Editor

Novel Foods and Edible...

Lucia Scaffardi Editor
Giulia Formici Editor

Small Electric Vehicles: An...

Ewert, Amelie Editor
Schmid, Stephan Editor

Deep Integration, Global...

Jinji, Naoto Author
Zhang, Xingyuan Author

Beyond Global Food Supply...

Victoria Stead Editor
Melinda Hinkson Editor

Contact Zones

Elizabeth S. Leet Editor

Critical Confessions Now

Abdulhamit Arvas Editor
Afrodesia McCannon Editor

Prophetic Futures

Joseph Bowling Editor
Katherine Walker Editor

Aggregation-Induced Emission

Topics in Current Chemistry Collections (Series)

Youhong Tang Editor
Ben Zhong Tang Editor

Shipping and Logistics...

Y. H. Venus Lun Author
Kee-hung Lai Author