Fundamental Astronomy

Hannu Karttunen Editor
Pekka Kröger Editor

Quantum Mechanics

Graduate Texts in Physics (Series)

Daniel Bes Author

Particle Accelerators,...

Raghavan Jayakumar Author

Principles of Physics

Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics (Series)

Hafez A . Radi Author
John O Rasmussen Author

Computational Methods for...

Graduate Texts in Physics (Series)

Simon Sirca Author
Martin Horvat Author

International Finance and...

Springer Texts in Business and Economics (Series)

Giancarlo Gandolfo Author
Daniela Federici Contributor

Chemical Thermodynamics

Ernö Keszei Author

Business Project Management...

Springer Texts in Business and Economics (Series)

Michael Kleinaltenkamp Editor
Wulff Plinke Editor

Financial Economics

Springer Texts in Business and Economics (Series)

Thorsten Hens Author
Marc Oliver Rieger Author

Concurrent Programming

Michel Raynal Author

Semigroups, Boundary Value...

Springer Monographs in Mathematics (Series)

Kazuaki Taira Author

Ethical Reflections on the...

SpringerBriefs in Economics (Series)

Wilfried Ver Eecke Author

Metropolitan Regions

Advances in Spatial Science (Series)

Johan Klaesson Editor
Börje Johansson Editor

Microbial Phenazines

Sudhir Chincholkar Editor
LInda Thomashow Editor

Numerical Simulation of...

Manfred Kaltenbacher Author

Endocytosis in Plants

Jozef ŠAmaj Editor

Data Science, Learning by...

Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization (Series)

Berthold Lausen Editor
Sabine Krolak-schwerdt Editor

Cementation in Dental...

Chandur P.k. Wadhwani Editor

Organising the Firm

Petri Mäntysaari Author

Proceedings of the 26th...

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (Series)

Rongjun Shen Editor
Weiping Qian Editor

Proceedings of the 15th...

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (Series)

Shengzhao Long Editor
Balbir S. Dhillon Editor

Metasomatism and the Chemical...

Lecture Notes in Earth System Sciences (Series)

Daniel Harlov Author
Hakon Austrheim Author

Molecular Mechanisms in Yeast...

Jure Piškur Editor
Concetta Compagno Editor

Molecular Quantum Dynamics

Physical Chemistry in Action (Series)

Fabien Gatti Editor

The Earliest Stages of...

Springer Theses (Series)

Ke Wang Author

International Asia Conference...

Ershi Qi Editor
Jiang Shen Editor


SpringerBriefs in Earth System Sciences (Series)

Brett T. McLaurin Author
Aileen C. Elliott Author

Fundamentals of Inertial...

Aboelmagd Noureldin Author
Tashfeen B. Karamat Author

Toward a More Balanced Approach

Jerry Jie Hua Author

Topological Galois Theory

Springer Monographs in Mathematics (Series)

Askold Khovanskii Author
Vladlen Timorin Translator

Tourism and Hospitality...

Guojun Zeng Editor

Orthopedics in Disasters

Nikolaj Wolfson Editor
Alexander Lerner Editor

Scanning Probe Microscopy

NanoScience and Technology (Series)

Bert Voigtländer Author

Elements of Vorticity...

Springer Tracts in Mechanical Engineering (Series)

James C. Wu Author

Wild Crop Relatives

Chittaranjan Kole Editor

Supramolecular Assemblies of...

SpringerBriefs in Molecular Science (Series)

Xin-long Ni Author
Xin Xiao Author

Multiple Myeloma

Recent Results in Cancer Research (Series)

Thomas Moehler Editor
Hartmut Goldschmidt Editor

Multi-System Endocrine...

Research and Perspectives in Endocrine Interactions (Series)

Jean-pierre Bourguignon Editor
Bernard Jégou Editor

Pediatric and Neonatal...

Peter C. Rimensberger Editor

Springer Handbook of...

Springer Handbooks (Series)

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Wicked Problems – Social Messes

Risk, Governance and Society (Series)

Tom Ritchey Author

Polysaccharide Based Graft...

Susheel Kalia Editor
M.w. Sabaa Editor

The Achilles Tendon

Hajo Thermann Editor
Christoph Becher Editor

Molecular Identification of...

Youssuf Gherbawy Editor
Kerstin Voigt Editor

Service Parts Planning with SAP SCMTM

Management for Professionals (Series)

Jörg Thomas Dickersbach Author
Michael F. Passon Author

TV-Anytime (Series)

Alberto Gil Solla Author
Rafael G. Sotelo Bovino Author


Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology (Series)

Fabrizio Benedetti Editor
Paul Enck Editor

States of Consciousness

The Frontiers Collection (Series)

Dean Cvetkovic Editor
Irena Cosic Editor