The Selfish Gene

Oxford Landmark Science (Series)

Richard Dawkins Author


Nick Bostrom Author

Cardiovascular Computed...

Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Cardiology (Series)

Ed Nicol Editor
James Stirrup Editor

Electrons in Molecules

Jean-Pierre Launay Author
Michel Verdaguer Author

A Dictionary of Publishing

Oxford Quick Reference (Series)

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Chris Jennings Author


Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Cardiology (Series)

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Daniel Augustine Author

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Surgery (Series)

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Carrie Newlands Editor

A Restatement of the English...

Andrew Burrows Author

Tourette Syndrome

The Facts (Series)

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Andrea Cavanna Author


Gregory Freeze Editor

The English in Love

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Vagueness and the Evolution...

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Jews, Sovereignty, and...

The History and Theory of International Law (Series)

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The Oxford Handbook of...

Oxford Library of Psychology (Series)

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Reformation, Resistance, and...

Oxford History Political Thought (Series)

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The Cognitive Basis of Social...

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The Historiography of Philosophy

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Modeling the Meanings of...

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Shifting Concepts: the...

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The European Union and Human...

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Michal Ovádek Author

Looking Down on Human...

Oxford Psychology (Series)

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Great Powers, Climate Change,...

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Stripping the Veil

Studies in German History (Series)

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How to Be Trustworthy

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The Ethics of Embryonic Stem...

Issues in Biomedical Ethics (Series)

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Re-Imagining Democracy in the...

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Vergil's Green Thoughts

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Violence and Personhood in...

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The Chemical Weapons Convention

Oxford Commentaries on International Law (Series)

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The Future of Cross-Border...

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The Future of Bioethics

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Machiavelli's Prince

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Public Policy in...

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Quantum Optics and Nanophotonics

Lecture Notes of the Les Houches Summer School (Series)

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Resurrection of the Dead in...

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The Father's Will

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The Legal Effects of EU...

Oxford Studies in European Law (Series)

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Due Diligence in the...

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The Washington Consensus...

Initiative for Policy Dialogue (Series)

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Manual of Childhood Infections

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Matheron's Theory of...

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Elective Monarchy in...

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Textbook of Evolutionary...

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The Actual and the Possible

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International Adjudication on...

International Economic Law Series

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Justin, Philosopher and Martyr

Oxford Early Christian Texts (Series)

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