Jesus and John Wayne

Kristin Kobes du Mez Author
Suzie Althens Narrator

Kill Switch

Adam Jentleson Author
P.J. Ochlan Narrator

The Petroleum Papers

Geoff Dembicki Author
Steve Menasche Narrator

Spies, Lies, and Algorithms

Amy B. Zegart Author
Amy B. Zegart Narrator

Our Own Worst Enemy

Tom Nichols Author
Tom Nichols Narrator

Dirty Work

Eyal Press Author
Neil Shah Narrator

Authoritarian Nightmare

John W. Dean Author
Bob Altemeyer Author


Ruth Ben-Ghiat Author
Chloe Cannon Narrator


Giorgi Rtskhiladze Author
Bruce Mann Narrator

Nothing to Lose

Pastor Darrell Scott Author
Bill Andrew Quinn Narrator

The Loud Minority

Daniel Q. Gillion Author
David Sadzin Narrator

A People Betrayed

Paul Preston Author
Peter Noble Narrator

The Centrist Solution

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman Author
Rich Miller Narrator


Ken Rees Author
Graham Rowat Narrator

The People Versus Socialism

Stephen A. Smoot Author
Mike Chamberlain Narrator

The Essential Kerner...

Mirron Willis Narrator
Jelani Cobb Editor

Spies of the Deep

W. Craig Reed Author
Paul Woodson Narrator


John Solomon Author
Seamus Bruner Author

We Need New Stories

Nesrine Malik Author
Diana Blue Narrator

The Envoy

Gordon Sondland Author
Jonathan Todd Ross Narrator

Small Power

David Doherty Author
Conor M. Dowling Author

Ground War

Nicholas Goedert Author
Kyle Tait Narrator

Picking Presidents

Gautam Mukunda Author
Graham Rowat Narrator

The Bitter End

John Sides Author
Chris Tausanovitch Author

Crisis of Command

Stuart Scheller Author
Stuart Scheller Narrator

Criminal Fraud and Election...

Oxford Monographs on Criminal Law and Justice (Series)

Jeremy Horder Author
Jonathan Johns Narrator

Pakistan's Pathway to the Bomb

Mansoor Ahmed Author
Tom Perkins Narrator

Political Choice in a...

Joshua N. Zingher Author
Jonathan Sleep Narrator

When AI Rules the World

Handel Jones Author
Christopher Douyard Narrator


Georgette F. Bennett Author
Jerry White Author

25 Lies

Vince Everett Ellison Author
Vince Everett Ellison Narrator

Going Big

Robert Kuttner Author
Robert Kuttner Narrator


Jason Brennan Author
Jonathan Todd Ross Narrator

Awakening to China's Rise

Hugo Meijer Author
Nigel Patterson Narrator

Spin Dictators

Sergei Guriev Author
Daniel Treisman Author

How to Make Love to a Despot

Stephen D. Krasner Author
David de Vries Narrator

The Scheme

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Author
Jennifer Mueller Author

Two Roads Diverged

Mark Sanford Author
Jim Seybert Narrator

Why the New Deal Matters

Eric Rauchway Author
Peter Lerman Narrator

Monster of Their Own Making

Jack Buckby Author
Dominic Vaughn Narrator

Beyond the Great Divide

Governor George Pataki Author
Trey Radel Narrator

Let the People Rule

John G. Matsusaka Author
Christopher Grove Narrator

Democracy and Equality

Inalienable Rights (Series)

Geoffrey R. Stone Author
David A. Strauss Author

Rating America's Presidents

Robert Spencer Author
Rick Adamson Narrator

In the Dark of War

Sarah M. Carlson Author
Teri Schnaubelt Narrator

The Long Fix

Vivian Lee Author
Charles Constant Narrator

Search and Destroy

Ryan Lovelace Author
Terrence Bayes Narrator

Trump and Churchill

Nick Adams Author
Liam Gerrard Narrator