Responsible Leadership and...

Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations (Series)

Sunil Savur Editor
Sukhbir Sandhu Editor

Innovations in Higher...

Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning (Series)

Amy Lee Editor
Rhiannon D. Williams Editor

Childhood, Youth and Activism

Sociological Studies of Children and Youth (Series)

Katie Wright Editor
Julie McLeod Editor

The Economic Decoding of...

Paul Fudulu Author

Time Use in Economics

Research in Labor Economics (Series)

Daniel S. Hamermesh Editor
Solomon W. Polachek Editor

Advances in Race and...

Advances in Race and Ethnicity in Education (Series)

Nathern Okilwa Editor
Muhammad Khalifa Editor

The Imagination Gap

Brian Reich Author

Forming and Centering

Kenneth M. Moffett Author

Investment Traps Exposed

H. Kent Baker Author
Vesa Puttonen Author

Change Management for...

Chandan Kumar Sadangi Author
Sanjay Mohapatra Author

How Mediation Works

Stephen B. Goldberg Author
Jeanne M. Brett Author

Megaproject Risk Analysis and...

Prince Boateng Author
Zhen Chen Author

Working Deeply

Robert Barner Author
Ken Ideus Author

Ethics, Equity, and Inclusive...

International Perspectives on Inclusive Education (Series)

Agnes Gajewski Editor
Chris Forlin Other

Developing Leaders for...

Bernd Vogel Editor
Rob Koonce Editor

Multinational Companies in China

Xin Guo Author
Frank T. Gallo Author

Living Alone, Living Together

Peter King Author

Putting the Genie Back

David Hone Author

Teacher Preparation in Ireland

Emerald Studies in Teacher Preparation in National and Global Contexts (Series)

Thomas O'Donoghue Author
Judith Harford Author

Visionary Leadership in a...

Rob Elkington Editor
Madeleine van der Steege Editor

Strategy and Geopolitics

Mike Rosenberg Author

Social Housing and Urban Renewal

Paul Watt Editor
Peer Smets Editor

Extreme Teaming

Amy C. Edmondson Author
Jean-François Harvey Author

Talent Management in Practice

Marian Thunnissen Author
Eva Gallardo-Gallardo Author

Women vs Feminism

Joanna Williams Author

Project Management

Hans Mikkelsen Author
Jens O. Riis Author

Inclusive Leadership

Building Leadership Bridges (Series)

Joanne Barnes Editor
Michael J. Stevens Editor

Smart Cities for Sustainability

Advanced Series in Management (Series)

Mohammed El Amine Abdelli Editor
Asma Sghaier Editor

Advances in Accounting Education

Advances in Accounting Education (Series)

Thomas G. Calderon Editor

Agents of Innovation

Louis Jacques Filion Author

Annual Review of Comparative...

International Perspectives on Education and Society (Series)

Alexander W. Wiseman Editor

Black Males in Secondary and...

Advances in Race and Ethnicity in Education (Series)

Erik M. Hines Editor
Edward C. Fletcher Jr Editor

Businesses' Contributions to...

Emerald Points (Series)

Mariana Inés Paludi Author
María Eugenia Funes Author

Cohabitation and the Evolving...

Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research (Series)

Sampson Lee Blair Editor
Yongjun Zhang Editor

Ethnographies of Work

Research in the Sociology of Work (Series)

Rick Delbridge Editor
Markus Helfen Editor

Fashion and Tourism

Tourism Social Science Series

Maria Gravari-Barbas Editor
Nadzeya Sabatini Editor

Financial Inclusion Across Asia

Leong Choi-Meng Editor
Muhammad Ali Editor

Innovation, Social...

Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility (Series)

David Crowther Editor
Shahla Seifi Editor

Mixed-Income Housing...

George Okechukwu Onatu Author
Wellington Didibhuku Thwala Author

Punishment, Probation and Parole

Katharina Maier Editor
Rosemary Ricciardelli Editor

The Global Smart City

Filippo Marchesani Author

Advances in Hospitality and...

Advances in Hospitality and Leisure (Series)

Joseph S. Chen Editor

Decoloniality Praxis

Emerald Points (Series)

Hamid H. Kazeroony Author

Delivering Entrepreneurship...

Chux Gervase Iwu Editor
Richard Shambare Editor

Gen Z Around the World

Corey Seemiller Editor
Meghan Grace Editor

Responsible Management and...

Liangrong Zu Author

Responsible Management and...

Liangrong Zu Author

Spirituality Management in...

Fahri Özsungur Editor
Fevziye Bekar Editor

Sustainable Development...

Stuart Maguire Author
Ian Robson Author

Unsettling Colonial...

Thalia Anthony Author
Juanita Sherwood Author