Ludwig Wittgenstein's...

Radmila Schweitzer Other
Allan Janik Author of introduction, etc.

The Ghetto Swinger

Coco Schumann Author
Max Christian Graeff Author


Peter Sichrovsky Author
John Howard Translator

Adolfo Kaminsky

Sarah Kaminsky Author
Mike Mitchell Author

Operation Yellow Star / Black...

Maurice Rajsfus Author
Mike Mitchell Translator

Three Tearless Histories

Erich Hackl Author
Mike Mitchell Translator

Escape Home

Charles Paterson Author
Carrie Paterson Editor

Hitler, Stalin and I

Heda Margolius Kovály Author
Helena Treštíková Editor

The Consequences

Niña Weijers Author
Hester Velmans Translator

The Vél d'Hiv Raid

Maurice Rajsfus Author
Levi Laub Translator

A Rebel in Gaza

Asmaa al-Ghoul Author
Selim Nassib Author

The Abolition of Species

Dietmar Dath Author
Samuel P. Willcocks Translator

Dancing on Thin Ice

Arkady Polishchuk Author


Hagar Peeters Author
Vivien Glass Translator

A Stranger at My Table

Ivo de Figueiredo Author
Deborah Dawkin Translator

A Room with a Darker View

Claire Phillips Author

Salvation Canyon

Ed Rosenthal Author

The Private Adolf Loos

Claire Beck Loos Author
Constance C. Ponstasch Translator

Red Wave

Joanna Stingray Author
Madison Stingray Author

Sting in the Tale

Antoinette LaFarge Author
G. D. Cohen Author of introduction, etc.

The Chosen Few

Mitja Velikonja Author
Tauras Stalnionis Other

Jonas Mekas, Shiver of Memory

Peter Delpeut Author

The Lost Architecture of Jean...

Peter Wyeth Author

I Am Oum Ry

Oum Ry Other
Zochada Tat Author

Dingbat 2.0

Thurman Grant Editor
Joshua G. Stein Editor

Alfred Preis Displaced

Axel Schmitzberger Author
Stephen Phillips Author

Chocolates from Tangier

Jana Zimmer Author

Allies Against Two Evils

Givi Gabliani Author
Alexander Kartozia Author of introduction, etc.

Hungarian Art

Éva Forgács Author