Cruising Modernism

Michael Trask Author

Beautiful City

David Roochnik Author

Democracy, Revolution, and...

The Wilder House series in politics, history, and culture (Series)

Theda Skocpol Editor

Freer Markets, More Rules

Cornell Studies in Political Economy (Series)

Steven K. Vogel Author

Emerson's Life in Science

Laura Dassow Walls Author

Fear and Sanctuary

Hazel J. Lang Author

A Compulsion for Antiquity

Cornell Studies in the History of Psychiatry (Series)

Richard H. Armstrong Author

A Malay Frontier

Jane Drakard Author

My Baby's Father

Maureen R. Waller Author

Paris 1937

James D. Herbert Author

Race against Empire

Penny M. Von Eschen Author

Healthy Democracies

Joseph Wong Author

In Pursuit of Privacy

Judith Wagner Decew Author

Textures of Struggle

Piya Pangsapa Author

Delivering the People's Message

Julia R. Azari Author

Young Heroes

Saya S. Shiraishi Author

Compassionate Communalism

Melani Cammett Author


Marina van Zuylen Author

Think No Evil

C. Fred Alford Author

Insect Development and Evolution

Bruce S. Heming Author

Mazes of the Serpent

Roger B. Salomon Author

Malevolent Nurture

Deborah Willis Author

Case Studies in Food Policy...

Per Pinstrup-Andersen Editor
Fuzhi Cheng Editor

Public Pensions

Susan M. Sterett Author

From PKI to the Comintern,...

Cheah Boon Kheng Author

The Gendering of Melancholia

Juliana Schiesari Author

Making Good Neighbors

Abigail Perkiss Author

Feeling Like Saints

Fiona Somerset Author

The Supreme Court on Unions

Julius G. Getman Author

Children of Rus'

Faith Hillis Author

The Fight for Local Control

American Institutions and Society (Series)

Campbell F. Scribner Author

Weapons of Mass Migration

Cornell Studies in Security Affairs (Series)

Kelly M. Greenhill Author

What Universities Can Be

Robert J. Sternberg Author

Cornell '77

Peter Conners Author

Disability and Employer...

Susanne M. Bruyère Editor

Forgotten Foundations of...

Eric Helleiner Author

Informal Workers and...

Adrienne E. Eaton Editor
Susan J. Schurman Editor

Letters of a Ticonderoga Farmer

Frederick G. Bascom Editor

The Senses of Humor

Daniel Wickberg Author

Petrarchism at Work

William J. Kennedy Author

Chariots of Ladies

Núria Silleras-Fernández Author


Myth and Poetics (Series)

Jesper Svenbro Author
Janet Lloyd Translator

Reading Matters

Joseph Tabbi Editor
Michael Wutz Editor

Reluctant Revolutionaries

Joseph S. Tiedemann Author

Selective Judicial Competence

Mason C. Hoadley Author


Rudolf Mrázek Author

"Rich Nation, Strong Army"

Cornell Studies in Political Economy (Series)

Richard J. Samuels Author

Tales from Djakarta

Pramoedya Ananta Toer Author